How to cure psoriasis at home folk remedies?

Psoriasis is a noncommunicable disease every year which affects an increasing number of people. Conventional medicine is not ready to offer effective drugs against disease – pharmaceutical means are only capable of local treatment (getting rid of the external signs of the disease). After some time a relapse occurs the new skin is covered with rashes. Traditional medicine is more effective methods of getting rid of psoriasis. Agents of plant origin are able to fight the disease locally and from within, for their application do not have a doctor's permission, because most household medications safe for the body.


Causes and symptoms of psoriasis

The difficulty of psoriasis treatment that doctors are not able to determine exactly which pathogen causes lesions of the skin. The opinions of experts were divided, but no opinion have not found official confirmation.

The most common hypothesis for the development of psoriasis:

  • genetic inheritance;
  • viral nature(the most controversial theory)
  • the weakening of protective forces of organism;
  • fungal and staphylococcal infections;
  • harmful to the environment;
  • pathology of the immune system;
  • mental disorder.

The disease is not contagious through contact, not transmitted. Airborne catch psoriasis also will not work.

To determine psoriasis just symptoms of the disease have bright symptoms:

  • itching on the affected skin;
  • red plaque with clearly defined borders;
  • if the damage is in the dermis there are new scaly patches.

In older people the disease is rare – the defeat of the dermis is most common in young people.

Drug effects on the disease

Psoriasis is a disease that affects the skin, for reasons that cannot always define even the most experienced physician, so medication to act on the symptoms is recommended with the set of drugs and additional measures. Drugs should be administered by a physician – self-treatment can lead to dangerous complications, the rapid development of the disease.

Treatment occurs by the following scheme:

  • local (outer) the use of hormonal means;
  • diet, normalizing metabolic processes in the body;
  • not hormonal medications with moisturizing, rejuvenating effect that stop cell division;
  • physiotherapeutic manipulation (of UBI, excimer laser, cryotherapy);
  • taking vitamin complexes.

The disease can cause nervous disorders, neurasthenia, often supplemented by treatment with psychologists. Below the table with the hormonal and not hormonal drugs.

Basic rules of treatment

Treatment at home lead to positive results, but in strict compliance with the recommendations and regulations of alternative medicine. The patient need to adhere to the following requirements:

  • treatment is carried out until the disappearance of symptoms – 2-4 treatments remain ineffectual;
  • to fight the disease complex using funds internally and externally;
  • do not refuse the help of the doctor to combine if necessary folk remedies and pharmaceutical preparations;
  • complement the treatment with diet;
  • to protect the skin from harmful external influences during the course of treatment (use of barrier cream, butter).

The use of home funds subject to confirmation by the doctor. If there are contraindications to the use of folk methods to refuse treatment and refer to the methods of traditional medicine.

Before using any means of testing for portability by the body active ingredients. To do this, apply 3-5 drops of prepared medicines in the area of the body, which has a high sensitivity (elbow, Crescent behind the ear, wrist) and wait 2 hours. If the body does not delivers the alarm signals, permitted to use the tool for external use.

Activated charcoal vs psoriasis

To quickly recover at home from the disease will help activated charcoal, which has the properties to remove toxins from the body. Some doctors believe that the disease provokes intoxication, therefore, the removal of harmful substances helps to get rid signs of psoriasis.

The dosage is calculated by body weight. 6-8 kg one tablet is enough. Daily dose of activated charcoal is recommended to divide into 2 parts and take in two doses – morning and evening. Drink copious amounts of liquid.

The treatment is carried out in two courses lasting a month. Break is 25 days. In the presence of complications for total deliverance from the disease will take up to four courses.

In the treatment with activated carbon to stick to your diet – limit consumption of fatty, salty, full of spices, dishes. Another requirement is to drink during the day 2 liters of fluid (water, herbal decoctions, tea).

The soda treatment of the disease

The use of soda it is recommended to get rid of a rash on the scalp, arms and other parts of the body. To deal with psoriasis traditional medicine recommends a bath with added baking soda. The results of the manipulation – deliverance forever from inflammatory processes in the skin, discomfort (itching, burning), improve blood circulation.


  1. Take a warm soothing shower prepares the skin for the procedure.
  2. Fill the tub with warm water.
  3. Add in the liquid 450 gr. baking soda.
  4. Stir the solution until complete dissolution of the soda.
  5. To take a bath half an hour.

To remove the remaining moisture from the body is not recommended – the liquid must dry. The procedure is repeated after 2 days. Repeat for total deliverance from symptoms of the disease on all parts of the body – up to 15, but with complications, it is recommended to extend the course. Allowed to Supplement bath home medicines inside it help to cure psoriasis quickly and effectively.

Treatment with starch

The affected areas of the dermis on the body is recommended to treat the bells and whistles on the basis of starch. To treat disease on the head or the face part not to use – the tool is able to excoriate the skin. Home remedy will help to quickly get rid of the rash, relieve discomfort.

Preparation and application:

  1. Mix equal proportions of starch, wheat flour.
  2. Add into the mix the bulk of the warm water, the mixture should resemble a semi-liquid cream.
  3. Leave for half an hour for the swelling of the composition.
  4. Apply to affected areas of the dermis and leave for half an hour.
  5. Rinse, blot remaining moisture.

Treated at home the disease is recommended daily, a day is enough one procedure. The course duration is 3 weeks. To combine with drugs for oral administration.


The excellent results obtained by the treatment of starch and broth-based St. John's wort. Prepare the means to influence the disease inside just grind 100 grams. plant materials (leaves, flowers, St. John's wort), boiling water (1 l). Leave for 3 hours for the infusion, it is recommended to wrap the capacity for obtaining concentrated meds. Taken three times a day for 50 ml.

The use of Bay leaf in the fight against psoriasis

Bay leaf is recommended for getting rid of lesions on the head, the skin all over the body. Restrictions on use no part is safe, does not cause complications, allergic reactions.

Cooking, application:

  1. Grind hands 20 Laurel leaves.
  2. Bring to boil water (500 ml), pour the slurry.
  3. Poison composition on a slow fire, to simmer, keeping the lid closed, a quarter of an hour.
  4. To insist on leaving the cover for a rich concentrated broth wrap a towel.
  5. Filter, to use a gauze cloth (fold into 3 layers).

To take the product twice a day – upon waking and before going to sleep. Dosage for single administration of 80 ml Exceed the recommended amount of liquid are prohibited on the effectiveness of treatment of psoriasis is not affected. The duration of treatment is one week. The quickest way of treating psoriasis is to Supplement the intake of a decoction of Laurel lotions on the basis of starch. Even running disease, which is accompanied by complications, will take 3-5 days (but each patient's individual score).

Treatment ointment is based on Laurel leaves

Another affordable and effective medicine, able to cure psoriasis on the head or the skin forever is an ointment prepared from the leaves of Laurus. Preparation of the composition:

  1. Warm on a water bath vaseline (50 gr.).
  2. Add in the drug crushed into mush leaves of Laurel.
  3. To insist in a warm place for 3-5 days regularly mix.

Apply on the affected areas of skin or hairline. Pre-wash the dermis, to remove moisture, wait to dry. After application do not rinse for an hour.

Apply once a day. The duration of treatment is 2 weeks. It is recommended in case of complications, the rapid spread of the rash, the discomfort on the dermis. It is forbidden to apply to children with allergic skin, pregnant.

Treatment with grease

The best folk remedies to Supplement the composition based on solidol, able to cope with the condition within 2-4 weeks. Useful properties of matter – the elimination of itching, burning, softening of the plaques, reducing flaking, and tissue regeneration of the skin. To use the tools with grease as the active component is not recommended for lesions of the scalp – the bad stuff is washed out.

An ointment based on solidol:

  • honey (55 gr.);
  • grease (100 gr.);
  • rose hips (40 gr.);
  • bulb;
  • sulfur powder (15 gr.);
  • egg protein.

Clean the onion, chop, squeeze the juice (you will need 20 ml onion liquid). Rose hips (dry) to grind into powder. Protein grind into a thick foam. Put in a water bath of the grease, mixed with bee product, after heating to remove, add the remaining components. Stir until smooth. Pour into a glass container, cork tightly. Store in the refrigerator.

To use the ointment daily. Number of applications – only once per day. It is recommended that the procedure for 2-5 hours before bedtime – the composition should be fully absorbed.

Allowed to complete the treatment based ointment solidol with baths of soda, bells and whistles from starch, tricks, pet medication inside. The tool has no contraindications but can cause allergic reaction to sensitive, prone to irritation of the dermis. When you see warning signals of the body in the form of rashes, redness, severe burning sensation makeup immediately remove, wash treated areas with warm liquid with the addition of Soaps.

Psoriasis treatment without medication gives good results – the rash disappear quickly and without complications. Another rule is not to proceed with treatment without prior approval of home drugs with the doctor.