How to cure psoriasis at home forever folk remedies and medicines

Many skin diseases cause the person great discomfort. Psoriasis is one of those diseases that does not live in peace for millions of people, forming scales on the skin. People can't afford to wear your favorite clothes and constant itching creates constant problems. How to cure psoriasis at home forever, which creams and other means to apply the treatment to this skin disease retreated forever – with this question it is necessary to understand carefully.

What is psoriasis

In a literal translation from the Greek, psoriasis is a skin itching. The disease is one of the oldest diseases and is chronic. The manifestation of the disease occurs under the action of their own immune cells in the body. Modern medicine distinguishes many types of psoriasis, but the most common include:

  • vulgar, or patchy;
  • teardrop-shaped;
  • pustular;
  • Palmar - plantar;
  • exudative;
  • erythroderma etc.

The main initial symptom, which may occur already in the first months of life and that define psoriasis is that appear on the skin grayish-white scales. They are located on the head, on the edge of the hair, the folds of the joints, in places that are subjected to excessive friction. Rashes on the parameters come in different sizes, but at the initial stage are of little spots, which eventually grow into larger locations.


Is there a cure for psoriasis

There is no unequivocal opinion, what is the main cause of psoriasis. Among the main factors called stress, heredity, genetics, metabolic disorders. Therefore, we can assume and to identify the main methods of treatment of inflammation. As the disease is of a chronic nature, to cure psoriasis completely and permanently is not possible, but the integrated approach may alleviate a patient's condition, reducing the symptoms.

Treatment of psoriasis at home

Before how to treat psoriasis at home, it is important to consult a specialist because only an experienced doctor is able to create an effective course of medical and physiotherapeutic treatment. Among the main methods and means of treatment of psoriasis at home that can remove or reduce the symptoms of the disease can be called such:

  • medical ointments, creams, waxes;
  • UV-irradiation;
  • the sun;
  • propolis;
  • medicated shampoos;
  • hormonal means;
  • lotions;
  • powders;
  • chaga;
  • herbal infusions.

The strict instruction all assignments, following the instructions of medicines, and their regular intake will help, though not cure psoriasis forever, but, at least, prolong the period of remission, helping a person feel confident. Should take breaks between treatment and it is not possible to use multiple drugs simultaneously, because in this way it is difficult to identify whether therapy.


Folk remedy for psoriasis on the body

The use of folk remedies from psoriasis on the body, whatever may be said, has a positive effect, which is confirmed repeatedly. An important aspect here is that the techniques and ingredients do not have toxic effects on the body, especially the liver. Many of the techniques used in cosmetology with success, but you should know that whatever the tips folk remedy would not be effective, treatment, you should first start with a consultation with the doctor. Ointment for psoriasis in the home to Control such inherent psoriasis symptoms like burning, itching, dryness, cracking of the skin is possible, applying various ointments prepared by themselves. As remedies for the treatment may contain components such as vaseline or certain oils, you should exercise caution with respect to their use with people who have a predisposition to allergies. Ointment for psoriasis at home prepared simply, and perhaps use different ingredients – from marigold to fish scales. Apply the product directly on the plaque.

Here are some of them:

  • Of two eggs and a tablespoon of vegetable oil (and you can choose either at your discretion) preparing a mixture, to which you want to add a half-spoon of acetic acid. With the mixture daily to lubricate the problem areas before bedtime after the obligatory showering.
  • Mix 25 g of birch tar with 15 g of honey, add to the mixture 10 g vaseline and 5 g fish oil and boric acid. In the obtained protein composition is administered, carefully all mixing. Used prepared fat ointment one time every day.

Decoctions and infusions from psoriasis

In addition to topical treatment, traditional medicine recommends the use of decoctions and infusions from psoriasis. You can prepare the brew of oats, infusion of the powdered Bay leaf, or fennel seeds. Can be purchased at the pharmacy without any problems a tincture of fir, which is also famous for its healing properties. Should not be underestimated in the treatment of psoriasis herbs (burdock, elderberry, calendula, immortelle, nettle, celandine), which can prepare yourself in a short period of time or purchased at the same pharmacy kiosks.


Therapeutic baths

A popular home treatments are the therapeutic baths. You should know that this method of therapy is not suitable for all patients. People with heart failure, pregnant women, those who have discovered a malignant tumor should abandon water treatment. Everyone else who has no contraindications, you can choose any of the proposed routes for the home treatment of psoriasis:

  • sapiens. The preparations should start a day before procedures. Three tablespoons sage pour a liter of water, boiled for an hour. The next day the prepared broth added to the water.
  • linen. Liter of boiling water pour 50 g of seeds of flax, insist, filter and add in water. Effectively fights against itching.
  • conifers. Tincture of pine needles added to the water. Take a bath twice a day, and the time interval should not exceed 15 minutes. But the tub of pine buds is a great cure for psoriasis on elbows.
  • Valerian. 75 ml of tincture added to warm water. Take a bath for 10 minutes, not more.

Treatment of psoriasis on the head

The most discomfort delivers psoriasis that strikes the back of the head with hair. Leaking it can in a mild form, but sometimes manifested itself in severe cases the skin. Treatment of psoriasis on head in home conditions performed using medicines and folk remedies:

Cure for psoriasis

Since there is no effective means to combat the disease, in addition to the use of ointments, folk remedies, and drugs for the treatment of psoriasis at home, it is strongly recommended to follow a proper diet (and not only during acute!). Food should not include items such as chocolate, citrus, carbonated drinks, alcohol, vegetables and fruits with a pronounced red color, foods containing dyes and preservatives. After the onset of relief, you slowly begin to remove the restriction, but at the same time closely monitor the reaction of the body. When the question arose of how to cure psoriasis at home forever, in addition to taking drugs should follow some recommendations:

  • use protective equipment when working with corrosive substances when cleaning;
  • wear loose clothes, avoiding frequent contact and friction of fabric with leather;
  • take a shower with medicated or neutral means;
  • you can use a salt lamp in the bathroom to add chips or chunks sea salt;
  • to limit your stay in the sun etc.

Prayer from psoriasis

Each person in the treatment of diseases chooses the path of treatment. Often especially pious people believe that prayer from psoriasis are able to cope with the disease forever. Believe it or not – each person decides for himself. According to the beliefs the text of the prayer to be read on Maundy Thursday or another religious holiday in the bath during the stay in the steam room:

My Lord, my Saviour, save my skin and my body from every defilement, from the vile disease of leprosy is ugly. Cleanse soul and my heart from vile thoughts, obscene desires, memory, angry, hostility dashing. As I forgive my offenders and forgive me my sins and deliver me from all sickness. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.