Usage instructions Psorilax

Psorilax is cosmetic and can be used like any other cream. But in case of serious injuries it is advisable to act according to the instructions offered by the manufacturer. You will need:

  1. To wash or to wash the area where it will be applied to the tool. To prepare the skin would be the best gel for optimal human pH, not soap.
  2. Take the tube and squeeze the cream and spread it on the surface of the skin. Funds should be enough to get your fingers glided over the skin, rubbing it.
  3. Leave the cream on the damaged area of the skin for 10-15 minutes, then blot it with a tissue, removing the excess. If you don't have time to wait, you can reduce the time to 3-5 minutes, but efficiency means lower.
  4. Use twice a day, morning and evening. On especially problematic areas of allowed use additional times during the day.

Indications for use

Defeat disease with Psorilax

Cream Psorilax can be ordered for the following situations:

  • The fight against psoriasis and other skin diseases.
  • The weak recovery of the skin.
  • Prevention of diseases of the epidermis.


As such, contraindications to the use of Psorilax no, so buy it anyone can. But do not forget about an individual intolerance of those or other components. Before active use apply a small elbow, (on clean skin). If no irritation, then the cream can be used.

Results after applying

Within 14 days from the start of application, the epidermis must be cleansed from scales and inflammations, to acquire a healthy color. Damaged skin needs to grow new cells. If the tool is used as prevention, the skin should just acquire firmness, softness and healthy appearance. According to clinical tests, the effectiveness of funds is very high: 95% of cases you will receive if not a full restoration of the skin, significant improvement of his condition.