How to treat psoriasis at home

Psoriasis belongs to the group of most complex diseases. The nature of this pathology are not yet fully understood. The fact that the process involved not only the skin, but is also a dysfunction of some internal organs. Therefore, this disease is very difficult to treat. Moreover, there is no method of therapy, which would be equally effective for all patients with psoriasis. Given this fact, the treatment of the disease selected for each patient an individual treatment plan, and in complex therapy physicians always include, in addition to traditional medicines, people's methods.


Principles of home treatment of psoriasis

In the Arsenal of folk medicine, many effective formulations capable of reducing the intensity of symptoms scaly lichen. That's called psoriasis, which is a complete cure can not be. For topical treatment is prepared:

  • creams and ointments;
  • shampoos (with the defeat of psoriasis of the scalp);
  • healing lotions;
  • baths with herbal infusions, which help in the defeat of the entire body.

External products are equally suited for adult patients and children. And means for taking internally can have age restriction, as some formulations are contraindicated for children components.

Popular recipes at home you can prepare the following dosage forms intended for internal intake:

  • powders;
  • decoctions;
  • infusions;
  • complex mixtures.

Important point! Because the majority of folk recipes for the treatment of psoriasis include potent and sometimes toxic components, any method should be agreed with the doctor. This will help to reduce the risk of negative consequences.

Rules for home treatment

Usually experts recommending one or another of national treatment, advise patients to follow some rules. Here is their list:

  1. During treatment by external means is required to protect skin and nails from drying out. This is particularly true if a course of therapy include baths.
  2. The initial stage of psoriasis respond well to treatment light herbal drugs.
  3. To better treatment composition to the skin need with its surface regularly to remove scales and crusts.
  4. Should do exactly what the elected to treat the formulation, including the process of manufacture and application features.
  5. It is not recommended to simultaneously use several tools, since such a treatment option will not allow you to determine the effectiveness of each method.

All these precautions will help to obtain maximum benefit from home treatment of psoriasis and avoid possible complications.

soda for psoriasis

Popular recipes

Activated carbon
I would like to start the presentation with effective ways that are in almost every home medicine Cabinet. This activated carbon. With this inexpensive drug could even localized pustular psoriasis.

A remedy is prepared in the following sequence: activated charcoal tablets are crushed to a powder and dissolve in water. The number of tablets is easy to determine by the formula: 1 piece / 10 kg of weight. Drink part you need before eating (1,5 -2 hours). This course therapy designed for 45 days.

Important! In this form of treatment you need to follow a diet diet and not to consume alcohol.

Baking soda

The sodium bicarbonate is present in many folk recipes. Unlike pharmaceutical remedies, it is absolutely harmless and gives good results for exterior use: quickly relieves signs of inflammation that is observed in psoriasis, and softens the skin. There are three ways to use baking soda:

  1. Solution standard concentration (2 teaspoons per 200 ml) are treated in the affected areas.
  2. You can make soda lotions from thick powder mix with water. In the resulting composition need to dip a cotton ball or gauze, and then applied in turn to the damaged areas of the skin.
  3. Hot soda compress also helps to deal with inflammation. After the first procedure decreases the intensity of the rash, the inflammation subsides. This method is used for preparing a liquid solution of such a temperature as not to cause a burn. In solution, moisten the cloth and apply to the trouble areas. The compress should cool completely.

Another unique recipe with the participation of regular soda. This tool has a more complex structure, because for its production need the following ingredients:

  • yolks of egg – 3 PCs.;
  • fat chicken – 1 Cup;
  • tar – 2 tbsp;
  • soap – 2n art.;
  • soda – 1 teaspoon;
  • bile (pharmacy) – 2 tbsp;
  • chaga mushroom – half of ordinary glass;
  • fir oil – 1 tsp

First heats up the fat and boiled for 10 minutes. After cooling, thereto was added chaga and the rest of the ingredients. Adding each component the mixture should be well stirred and the bile is introduced into the mixture last. The resulting ointment should have a uniform texture. Treatment is best done before bedtime. For the night time the tool is well absorbed.


This is probably one of the most popular agents used in psoriasis. In fact, grease is a technical lubricant which is prepared from fatty acids and calcium Soaps. The composition produced by condensing, with the result that he becomes a little viscous and the consistency of ordinary cream. But, if drugstore remedies are easily washed from the skin surface, the grease is removed with difficulty. Distinguished by its specific smell.

grease for psoriasis

Of course, the treatment for better to use a pharmaceutical preparation. But due to the fact that in its pure form pharmacy grease is almost rare, it is very difficult to acquire. However the pharmaceutical industry is a whole range of special ointments designed for the treatment of psoriasis, but their effectiveness is questionable. So people's doctors to get the actual result, suggest to use pure grease, preferably pharmacy. The fact that the production of technical grades in the composition add a variety of brush heads and this can result in an allergic reaction. It follows that after all it makes more sense to use a medical drug.

Dignity solidol

Grease is used dozens of years for the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis. During this long period he has demonstrated time and again great results. The advantages of this simple means should be considered the following qualities:

  • easy to use;
  • low cost;
  • low probability of allergies and other side effects;
  • quickly relieves itching, burning (usually after the first two procedures).
  • stimulate the process of epithelialization of the skin;
  • reduces the intensity of peeling;
  • after treatment lasting effect sustained over time.

In more than 60% of patients after several courses of treatment was observed almost complete disappearance of the external manifestations of the disease.

Important point! Before use, solidol to test for sensitivity, causing a little skin in area of elbow bend. If half a day will not appear signs of irritation, you can proceed to treatment.

Recipes based on solidol

  1. This composition is effective for psoriasis of the scalp. It is prepared according to this recipe: grease (300 g) must first be mixed with two egg whites, add to the mixture a tablespoon of honey (preferably lime) and herbs celandine. Plant component must be pre-crushed to a powder. The resulting ointment to lubricate the damaged areas.
  2. Another versatile recipe that is suitable for the treatment of psoriasis of any location. It is very simple to implement: grease, you can even use pure technical marks, apply a thick layer on the body and left for 10 minutes, then rinse. To resolve the acrid smell of the drug is recommended to take a shower with tar soap. Similar procedures are recommended daily, increasing every week by 10 minutes. If the time parameter is equal to hour, you can go to night compresses with grease. Of course, this is an option with good tolerability means.

Therapeutic baths

When large areas of the lesions with psoriasis significantly facilitate the condition of patients a warm bath. Water treatments have a calming effect, relieves itching and promotes rapid healing of damaged areas. With special tools for therapeutic baths is not required, because many of them are in every home.

bath for psoriasis
  1. Salt baths are recommended twice a week. After the first two procedures are usually a noticeable effect from the treatment. But the course of water therapy is designed for longer – 3 months. It is very important to comply with regular procedures. It is better to use sea salt, which is sold in pharmacies. For one procedure is necessary in a warm water bath to dissolve 1 kg of salt, and completely submerge the body.
  2. Turpentine baths well heated, resulting in enhanced blood circulation. The multiplicity of procedures, 2 times per week period of time. It is recommended to use the pharmacy turpentine. The medium is poured into heated to 36 degree water. After five minutes the water temperature should be raised to 40. After healing baths you need a couple of hours to relax in bed, warmly covered. Important point: Before the procedure should be treated with vaseline on the genital area, anal area, and open sores.
  3. Bath starch is recommended for children and elderly patients. For the procedure, you can use any type of product: potato, rice, and other varieties of starch. After a bath to rinse off the composition from the body is not necessary.
  4. Soda baths are similar to the other methods. Treatments increase peeling on the skin, which indicates the beginning of recovery. To slightly reduce the dry skin, after bath it is recommended to apply on the body olive oil. Itch and other negative symptoms subside after the first procedures, and positive results were observed after a few weeks of treatment.
  5. Bath with pine extract stimulate the regeneration and strengthen the capacity of the immune forces of the body. It is possible to procure raw materials independently, but it is better to buy pharmacy drug. First, the extract was diluted with water and then poured it into the prepared bath. If psoriasis specific areas of the body, for example feet or palms of the hands, you can make local baths with a decoction of pine buds.

All procedures listed here, you can easily arrange at home. In the health conditions of patients with psoriasis administered hydrogen sulfide and radon baths.

Shampoos for psoriasis

Recipe 1: Grass celandine fresh (300g) is passed through a meat grinder. Then from the green mass pressed juice to which you want to add a small amount of red wine (30 ml). The mixture need to treat the scalp, leave the squad for a quarter of an hour, and then rinse the hair well.

Recipe 2: egg whites Need to connect with a spoonful of liquid honey, add a little any baby shampoo, mix well. The composition is applied to a quarter of an hour, then rinse abundantly with running warm water.

Tools for intake

As noted above, except outer effective means of home treatment, you can prepare medicinal teas for domestic consumption. It's all kinds of decoctions, infusions, composite formulations. All herbal preparations involve the internal resources of the body, helping it to fight the disease. These popular recipes have helped to heal many of the sick.

remedies for psoriasis
  1. Chaga has long been used in people with psoriasis. Birch fungus contains substances that stimulates many vital processes. Psoriasis can be used infusion and decoction. Infusion is better to cook in a thermos. The dry raw material is placed in a container, pour boiling water for five hours. The resulting composition can drink a tablespoon three times a day, and can be added to the bath either lubricate them affected places twice. Therapeutic baths with chaga also help with dermatitis and various skin infections. The broth is prepared in a similar way and is taken strictly after meals. On the basis of fungus you can prepare a homemade ointment by combining plant material with soap, tar, egg yolk and soda.
  2. Coal-tar soap is always present in the complex treatment of psoriasis. It cleans the skin, stimulates regeneration. Although this tool has a not too pleasant aroma, its use helps to cope with complex dermatitis and psoriasis. Some of the distinguishing measures when using this soap is not required, just know how to handle problem areas. After washing, it is recommended to rinse herbal decoction.

Natural oils

Any vegetable oil will also benefit inflamed skin. It is better to choose for therapeutic purposes, unrefined. In this range of the most effective linseed oil. With regular outdoor treatment it will relieve irritation, protect against the penetration of infectious agents, will promote rapid healing of damaged tissues.

Not inferior in therapeutic properties of olive oil — a natural source of polyphenols. These components have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil for psoriasis can small doses eat inside, adding it to salads and other dishes.

Burdock oil is more suitable when wide lesions of the scalp. It is recommended to apply before bed, securing the top film. After a few treatments the skin will be significantly improved.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate that only a comprehensive approach to treatment and strict implementation of all recommended measures can ensure success. Psoriasis is very difficult disease. In addition to therapy to improve the patient's condition should strictly follow a diet, reduce sun exposure, and to implement the recommendations on a healthy lifestyle.