Spots from psoriasis

Passed a course of treatment, the period of remission. Plaque disappear, but they often have residual spots from psoriasis that resemble pigment.

Skin relief usually does not change, i.e., no dimples or scars, but the red, blue, dark or white spots also spoil the appearance and bother patients.

The nature of dark and white marks psoriasis


According to scientists, the traces of the psoriatic plaques arise as a result of active actions of the cytokines Il-17 and TNF-alpha.

If relapse of psoriasis is in full swing in the field of plaques is active inflammation, melanocytes, inhibit the process of melanin production.

Studies have shown that in the period of exacerbation of the inflammatory process, the number of melanocytes exceeds the norm by 2-3 times.

  • In the decline of inflammation melanin begins to be produced, as the number of melanocytes decreases.
  • They produced more than usual, and it leads to dark consequences of the spots of psoriasis.
  • With white spots all the way around. Production of melanin is disrupted and not restored.
  • The skin in this place can not be painted.

As a rule, in the absence of exacerbation in the same place for a long time, pigmentation go away on their own once the production of melanin will become normal.

Blue and red spots

Many patients complain that remain after treatment, traces of red or blue.

This happens for one simple reason: inflammation of psoriasis is not cured until the end, only muted.

Don't know how to remove red spots from psoriasis? Just continue to smear them with the same tool that was used at relapse. Especially often the red pigmentation remains in the treatment of:

  • Salicylic ointment.
  • Salicylic zinc pasta.
  • Tar.
  • Camphor ointment.

If nothing helps, then consult your doctor how to remove red spots from psoriasis.

Those who doubt whether the folk medicine.

Apple cider vinegar

How to get rid of spots

The popular method recommends a simple but effective recipes to lighten pigmentation:

  • 50 ml of cucumber juice + 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide (3%). RUB through a day. Usually used for dark pigmentation.
  • To make homemade Apple cider vinegar. To make it soaked cotton or gauze for 10 minutes. It also helps with blue spots.
  • Marshmallow pharmacy in the form of infusion must be applied to the darkened areas for lighting.
  • Perennial bright spots from psoriasis can be removed surgically by transplantation of melanocytes. Method advises to use the juice from the leaves of leguminous plants and the juice from the stems of figs. RUB into the spot light for a few minutes.
  • Light stains can be removed with the help of tincture of rhubarb. Smear 3 times a day.

Some people helps to eliminate dark pigmentation tanning under the sun or in the tanning bed, else this method does not work.

The only cure for all, to eliminate years of stains from psoriasis are not found, as the treatment of this disease. Here the great role is played by features of the individual organism.