Treatment of psoriasis: a list of the most effective means

Psoriasis is one of the most mysterious and difficult-to-treat diseases. To get rid of it once and for all impossible. The only thing they can count on the sick, reaching remission. Moreover, a unified and generally accepted international medical community for the treatment of psoriasis does not exist, and no drug is one hundred percent guaranteed the remission.

The treatment of psoriasis

Treatment of this complex skin disease depends on a number of parameters:

  • Type of psoriasis;
  • The age of the patient;
  • The presence of comorbidities;
  • The severity and history of exacerbations;
  • Localization and size of lesions.

Treatment of psoriasis is almost always an integrated part of the medicines and procedures aimed at addressing the causes of psoriatic flare-UPS, the part is designed to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms of the disease, and part of the right to maintain its own protective forces of an organism. The sad thing is that almost half of the patients does not help any of the three approaches to the treatment of psoriasis. The drug, which has allowed thousands of people to drive psoriasis in stable remission for several years, are likely to have no effect at all on another thousand.

In this article we will discuss all the currently known means and methods of treatment of psoriasis, even the most controversial, and try to answer the question where to start to a person who heard from the doctor disappointing diagnosis. While using popular methods, procedures and medications have managed to collect impressive statistics of their effectiveness.

A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the methods of treatment of psoriasis

According to the results of numerous polls of people with psoriasis, the hit parade of the best methods of treatment of this disease looks like this:

  • A 37% Ointment on the basis of oil refining;
  • 33% - following a special diet – that is, the rejection of products, the use of which provokes exacerbation of psoriasis;
  • 26% - climate Change, balneotherapy, and Spa treatment. Almost a third of patients said the improved well-being simply move to a place where the mild Maritime climate and clean air. The same number of patients to avoid winter exacerbation helps the annual holiday in the resort.
  • 19% - Salt bath is very effective as part of sanatorium-resort treatment, and home treatments. Sea salt contains potassium, magnesium, iodine and other useful minerals that are beneficial to skin affected by psoriasis that relieve itching and flaking, and even improve sleep of the patient due to its relaxing effect on the nerve endings. It is recommended to purchase the pharmacy quality, natural sea salt and take a bath 2-4 times a week at night;
  • A 14% Ointment on the basis of tar – good relieve itching , promote scarring psoriatic plaques;
  • 12% - Selective phototherapy is a physiotherapeutic method of treatment of psoriasis is based on the healing effect on the skin of ultraviolet radiation with a certain wavelength. Not be suitable for all patients, but some allows for 1.5-2 months of regular treatments to achieve remission biennial;
  • 12% - Potent hormonal ointments. First, give a very good therapeutic effect, but then the condition of patients deteriorates, we have to apply the ointment more often, and helps it is getting worse. A vicious circle comparable to drug addiction. Prolonged use of such drugs leads to dysfunction of the adrenal cortex and the gradual atrophy of the skin;
  • 12% - Baths, steam rooms, saunas and swimming pools – completely harmless, but ineffective, method of treatment of psoriasis. According to most patients stay in the sauna followed by swimming in the cool water allows you to soothe itching and ensure a restful sleep, which in itself is not bad. But there are some people who have psoriasis on the contrary, exacerbated from excessive moisture and extreme temperatures;
  • 12% - Sport and active recreation any pleasant physical activity, whether Cycling, dancing, Hiking or playing soccer, improve health, strengthen the immune system, improve mood and self-esteem of the patient, which can not but affect positively on the psoriasis;
  • A 12% Ointment on the basis of the calcitriol or calcipotriol – these drugs saturate the epidermis the active form of vitamin D, penetrate well into the blood and normalize calcium metabolism, as it almost always leads to the reduction and gradual disappearance of psoriatic plaques. Of the minuses: ointment expensive, best - of German manufacture are mainly carried out under the order;
  • 10% - fasting – a radical method of treatment of psoriasis and allows to achieve remission or at least to minimize the square of cutaneous lesions in almost all patients, but has a lot of contraindications. Courses of fasting is better to pass in a hospital, and certainly cannot begin to starve voluntarily, without examination and consultation with a specialist;
  • A 10% Ointment on the basis of salicylic acid are, strictly speaking, do not cure psoriasis, but promote healing of plaques. After the skin is cleansed of dead skin layer, it is advisable to start treatment by other means, for example, the same grease. These ointments in a sense, prepare the epidermis as improve the absorption of active substances;
  • Herbal medicine
  • 10% Herbal medicine – this term refers to all the methods of treatment of psoriasis with the help of herbs: ointments, lotions, rubbing, compresses and reception of broths and infusions inside. Good efficiency is achieved burdock root, marsh calamus, dandelion, Wheatgrass, chicory, cranberries, chamomile,, St. John's wort, celandine, nettle, raspberry, birch, marjoram, Valerian, and many other plants, however, herbal medicine is always fraught with allergies and side effects;
  • 9% - Medical baths with turpentine and herbal teas are a safer method of treatment of psoriasis, because the active substances affect the skin only for a short time. If you have no contraindications to the therapeutic hot baths, try taking them every other day for 20 minutes, adding water heated to 38 degrees, pine SAP, crushed plantain,a decoction of birch buds, leaves of juniper or the herb Valerian;
  • 8% - Weak and combined hormonal ointments – often used during seasonal exacerbations of psoriasis, when any other methods fail to stop the growth of plaques and itching. To the treatment of psoriasis hormonal ointments should be approached very carefully, do not resort to it unnecessarily, and to abolish gradually;
  • 8% - Chelators – a good addition to the diet, help to cleanse the bowel of debris and normalizing thereby blood composition, which is bound to have a positive impact on the course of psoriasis;
  • 7% Ultraviolet and quartz exposure – some patients with psoriasis can help regular visits in the Solarium, especially in combination with the use of ointments on the basis of active vitamin D. However, the quartz lamp is preferable, if only because of the lower risk of cancer with regular exposure;
  • 7% Vitamin a very controversial method of treatment of psoriasis because some patients therapeutic doses of vitamins cause rapid improvement in health, while others – such as rapid deterioration with severe allergies and diarrhoeal disorders in the bargain;
  • 4% - dietary Supplements – an inexhaustible source of profit for pharmaceutical companies for which his chronic psoriasis and especially individual over is just a gold mine. Before buying Bada ask, what it consists of: will not the so that you have unsuccessfully used, or, even worse, you began worsening;
  • 4% - Immunomodulators – serious drugs to apply that for the treatment of psoriasis is possible only on the testimony of immunologist on the basis of data immunograms, otherwise you may make things worse;
  • 4% - Salt sodium or calcium (calcium chloride, sodium gluconate, sodium thiosulfate) – sometimes with a short course of injections could stop the exacerbation of psoriasis and reduce the pain of symptoms, but as an independent method of treatment the introduction of salts of calcium and sodium is not considered;
  • 4% - Hepatoprotectors – stimulate and preserve liver function, thereby indirectly helping her clean the blood of toxins and prevent the worsening of psoriasis. Without diet do not work;
  • 4% - Dental care – in some patients, exacerbation of psoriasis occur because of undertreated teeth if the mouth is a constant source of inflammation and a breeding ground for bacteria, whose waste products enter the bloodstream. To help such patients, sometimes enough to heal caries;
  • 3% - body Cleansing – this refers not only bowel cleanse method of colon hydrotherapy, cleansing courses but also for other organs: liver, lungs, kidneys. All these activities have a beneficial effect on psoriasis;
  • 3% - Treatment of parasites – the presence in the body of worms, Giardia and other parasites inevitably leads to a poisoning with products of their vital activity, and contamination of the blood turns into a psoriasis outbreak. Therefore, it is recommended that all patients with a prophylactic purpose to take in a stool sample;
  • 3% - Hardware blood purification, which is used in the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis in the hospital. Gives a very good therapeutic effect, but missing it for a while – about two months;
  • 3% - Beauty creams and oils – a good help to cope with the peeling of the skin, especially when applied immediately after a bath or shower. The simpler and more natural the makeup, the better. Prefer baby cream based on vegetable oils;
  • 3% - Psychics and doctors to objectively assess the efficacy of magic treatment of psoriasis, for obvious reasons, it is impossible, however, patients of traditional healers claim to have cured thanks to the sessions, and demonstrate clean skin. Well, the power of suggestion has not been canceled;
  • 3% anti-Inflammatory drugs for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis – some patients with ordinary psoriasis to avoid relapse helps preventive course of reception of these means;
  • A 2.5% - Sulfur and cheese in butter-zinc ointment, simple preparations for the treatment of skin parasitic infections (mange), but they can also reduce itching and flaking psoriasis;
  • 2,5% - Purified, melt, activated, and charged water – there are many methods of giving simple water healing properties, but it is safe to say only that drinking such water will not harm your health, but whether it will help overcome psoriasis is the big question;
  • 2% - Homeopathy – treatment of microscopic doses of natural poisons to start the reaction of the immune response to defeat the disease. In psoriasis methods are ineffective.
  • 2% Heat and infrared radiation – a controversial method of treatment of psoriasis because some patients warming causes a worsening instead of improving well-being;
  • 2% - corticosteroid Injections – "fire" methods used only in hospitals and only in the absence of other ways to help patients with very severe psoriasis;
  • 2% - Oatmeal bath is a safe and easy way to reduce the inflammation and itching in psoriasis;
  • 2% - Cytotoxic agents, highly toxic drugs, destructive effect on the kidneys and liver. Used to treat life-threatening forms of psoriasis and under strict medical supervision;
  • 1.5% Apitherapy – treatment of bee products, specifically bee venom. The principle apitherapy is close to homeopathy - it is expected that the poison prostimulirujte the immune system of the patient. Sometimes it works, but let's not forget that bee venom is one of the strongest natural allergens;
  • 1,5% - Naftalan oil is a unique natural product, which is produced in the eponymous Azerbaijani resort Naftalan, which is used for the treatment of psoriasis method applications and baths;
  • 1,5% - Fungicides – preparations for internal and topical treatment of fungal diseases. Sometimes facilitate the condition of patients with psoriasis, apply only on prescription because of the risk of complications;
  • Starch baths
  • 1% Yoga, meditation, hypnosis, auto-trainings, neuro linguistic programming and other techniques of management identity can be useful in the treatment of psoriasis because of the correct mood depends on the success of recovery for any disease;
  • 1% Starch baths also good removed reduce itching and flaking. Starch can be very dry skin, but some patients may need just such an effect. For one procedure it is necessary to dissolve in a pot of cool water 800 g of potato starch, and then pour the solution into a warm bath;
  • 1% - Compounds with vitamin A, provide symptomatic treatment of psoriasis, because the shortage of this vitamin a person develops a tendency towards dryness and flaking of the skin;
  • 0.5% Acupuncture – a technique based on the effects of using fine needles on biologically active points of the body associated with the relevant bodies. A very controversial and dangerous method: will need, first, a highly-skilled acupuncturist, and secondly – a great success to the acupuncture actually worked;
  • With 0.5% Bio-resonance and wave therapy is a modern physiotherapy techniques that are not well proven, and can not yet boast of great success in the treatment of psoriasis;
  • 0,2% - Breathing exercises, laser therapy and other controversial methods deserve attention, but are unlikely to ensure a positive outcome.