Psoriasis in children

Children's psoriasis is an unpleasant phenomenon, not only for young patients but also for their parents. Chronic disease causes anxiety and concern of adults for the health of babies. Fortunately, the disease is not related to infectious infections not transmitted by contact with other children and through household items. What causes of psoriasis in children and whether it can be cured?

The causes of child psoriasis

A child's life is filled with emotional outbursts, joys, sorrows, and physical activity significantly higher than that of an adult. The body it vulnerable physiologically and psychologically, hence most of the causes of psoriasis. The doctors have combined them into a list:

  • The first is genetics. If one of the parents of child patients with psoriasis in 25% cases the baby will inherit the disease. With the disease of both parents the risk increases to 50-70%.
  • Severe Allergy. Children eat many products which are serious allergens (chocolate, seafood, citrus, berries). Entering the body, they cause stress to the digestive system and negatively affect the nervous system of the child patient.
  • The stress associated with physical action. It is estimated that around 18% of children who suffer from psoriasis have earned it because of physical stress (hypothermia, severe abrasion, thermal shocks).
  • Mental stress. Small body emotionally unstable, he grieved the death of loved ones, scandals in the family, communication problems in the school, situational fears. The task of parents is to reduce such excitement.
  • Disturbances in metabolism due to malnutrition, when parents are not watching their child.

Diagnosis of child psoriasis

Skilled enough to see the first signs of psoriasis in children to diagnose by external examination of the child patient. To rule out other skin diseases that frequently occur in childhood, are assigned a bioscopy (scraping) of the skin and the blood and urine tests.

What forms of psoriasis affects children? In order to understand how psoriasis in children, you need to know. Doctors divide the disease into several main types:

  • The spotted form. Provoked by staphylococcal infection. Lesions present as reddish spots up to 1 cm Detected spotted psoriasis in children on legs, arms, torso. If weakened immunity and susceptibility to disease area of sunspots increases.
  • Asymmetrical shape. A disease that affects the joints of the limbs. The external signs of psoriasis in children combined with the pain, if the child complains that his fingers hurt. This type can develop into psoriatic arthritis, which is much more dangerous for your health.
  • Pustular form. In children rarely develops. Is marked by the appearance of small papules, gradually merge into one big blur. In severe cases, the lesions can cover the body.
  • Erythrodermic form. Is accompanied by inflammation and edema regions.
  • Vulgar form. Occurs psoriasis in children on the head in the form of rosacea. Capable of hitting small and large joints. Appears on the same places.

Symptoms of psoriasis in children

Notice the initial symptoms of psoriasis in children difficult, as the disease manifests itself is a small inconspicuous spot. The spot does not attract the attention of the child, it does not itch, does not hurt, the kid complains to parents. Rash on the head are seen even less, if my daughter or son's thick hair, and the quantity of the rash is minimal.

The easiest to recognize psoriasis in children on the face, if papules dot the cheeks, forehead, ears. The rash may be accompanied by:

  • itching;
  • strong redness of the skin;
  • chills and fever.

Especially apparent disease on the skin, which is tightly in contact with the clothes. The friction of the cloth on the affected area causes itching and inflammation, it injures the epidermis, leading to the progression of the disease. New fast transformirovalsya papules to large plaques, which are connected to each other and form a slick of up to 5 centimeters in diameter. What methods of struggle with the disease, modern medicine offers?

Methods of treating children's psoriasis

Modern methods of treatment of psoriasis in children effective enough to stop the progress of pathology. To completely clear the organism from illness does not work. In the case of young patients is the primary hospitalization, which allows to determine the stage and type of disease, and to take the correct tactics of treatment.

Drug therapy

In drug therapy children psoriasis uses the same medicines as in the treatment of diseases in adults. Little patient can be assigned:

  • Sedatives sedatives (Motherwort, Valerian). Drugs reduce emotional arousal of the child and prevent the exacerbation of chronic process. Especially useful for such funds at school age, when you change the rhythm of life of children.
  • Desensitizing, debilitating allergic reaction, drugs (5% calcium gluconate or 10% calcium chloride). On the background of Allergy plaques become inflamed, which delivers a strong discomfort to the child.
  • If itching stale baby constantly, take antihistamine in the age dosage.
  • Tranquilizers reduce physical activity to protect children from injuries to the affected areas.
  • B vitamins Administered by injection. The course of treatment — 10-20 injections.
  • Vitamins C and A.
  • Blood transfusion combined with a weekly introduction of albumin.
  • Pyrogens, help to improve the permeability of blood vessels. Drugs are able to reduce the rate of skin cell division, preventing the formation of new plaques.
  • In some cases, if the disease is severe, prescribe glucocorticosteroids.

These medications the patient should be in hospital or under strict medical supervision.

The use of external tools

Important tools in the treatment of psoriasis are ointments, creams and lotions. Use them for treatment of the affected areas.

If children psoriasis on the face or head, used euphyllinic or papaverine ointments. The drug is rubbed gently, being careful not to break the surface of the plaques.

For hands and feet is useful to make a bandage with salicylic, sulfur-tar or prednisolone ointments. Apply the Ointment on the affected area, wrap with cellophane, seal with a bandage, leave the dressing on overnight. Under the influence of the medicinal composition of the plaque softens, decreases their severity, fall away flakes.

Local application with the addition of sapropel improves the skin's moisture balance, reduce inflammation and itching. If the rash has affected the whole body, use sapropel for therapeutic baths.

Additional treatments

Pills and ointments, in the treatment of psoriasis in children used physiotherapy procedures. Sedative baths and UFO reduce the severity of symptoms, make it easier for that relieves the little patient from unpleasant sensations in the form of itching and pain.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on how to eliminate the causes that trigger the disease. So, for young patients, patients with psoriasis must be carried out sanitation of the oral cavity. The procedure helps identify and eliminate foci of infection (dental caries).

Prevention of child psoriasis

Even knowing the causes of psoriasis, the disease is difficult to predict, especially, to ascertain when it can occur. Because the child is not able to build their lives so as to reduce the risks of illness, parents will have to carry out a preventive mission.


What is important to remember?

Parents should always remember that psoriasis is an incurable disease that will remain with the child for life. If you ever teach him to eat properly, to dress, to perform hygienic procedures, in the future it will be easier to carry the disease and it does not go into a severe form.

Of course, if someone from adult patients with psoriasis, prevent the appearance of a son or daughter almost impossible. If to speak about other reasons, then they can be removed. Stick to these rules:

  • Protect children from psychological and physical stress. Try to avoid a family scandal in the eyes of the daughter or son. Ensure that the child was not long in the cold, did big loads on your body physically and was not long in the sun with uncovered head, in order not to get heat stroke.
  • Purchase baby clothes made from natural materials, does not contain chemical dyes.
  • Care in the diet of children. Menu baby needs to be products with strong allergenic trait. Eliminate the food that has caused allergic reaction in your child.
  • If your child is sick with a cold or other illness, give him the medications prescribed by the doctor. Do not self-medicate.
  • Any, even the most harmless on your mind medication, may enhance the pathological process, to deliver a lot of discomfort to your treasure.