Psoriasis picture, symptoms, treatment

This disease is expressed by the appearance in the skin of red spots, that are constantly worried, specific area rash itching, which prevents you from full life. With complications there may be the appearance care arthritico pain in the joints.


Quality of life in people who have similar problems, decreases. And although the general condition often is not much worse, life changes. It is seriously unaesthetic skin disease brings a lot of inconvenience, such as, for example, the inability to wear revealing clothing, or visit the sauna or the beach.

In some cases, psoriasis causes suffering, comparable with such serious diseases as heart failure, acute form of hypertension, or postinfarction state. The danger is the gain of the itch, because conpositis demere kidnaps beds appear difficult to sana the wounds.

The complexity of this disease is that it is virtually incurable. All that is offered by the pharmaceutical industry, currently gives a temporary result. And measures, such as psychotherapy, complex carbohydrates and diet, allow only a little to improve the condition.

The symptoms of psoriasis

  • The emergence of cards, silver color;
  • The bark of places of defeat;
  • The hemophilia areas, where it is coming out of the skin.

This the classical signs of the disease, they may differ depending on the type of disease. Distinguish some with views to the psoriasis, the different intensity of leakage, and a combination of symptoms.

The symptoms</2_img>

Irritation and redness may form in any location of the body of a person, but in most of the areas of the lesions become in the elbows, hands, back, knees and feet. Additional symptoms of psoriasis may be:

  • Peeling nail plate;
  • The appearance of dimples on the nails;
  • Discoloration of the nail, the appearance of hue yellowish;
  • Pain in the joints;
  • The increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • The swelling.

Development phase

The course of the disease dermatologists conditional are divided into several phases. This is important because the disease is often of chronic nature. The professionals have the opportunity to observe the course of the disease and to determine the accuracy of the method of treatment.

  1. The initial phase is characterized by another aggravating factor, which is reflected in the appearance and the increase of eruptions. Psoriasis the initial phase can be seen in the photo. Important is the testimony of a progressive disease – the emergence of the stripping plates of red color with the free of flaking, the bezel. And the redness spreads quickly, flakes are not able to cover the entire surface of the inflammation.
  2. Progressing phase. During this period, still appear new skin rash, ibi papules grow. Initially are introduced to the elements of the active shell. There is a positive isomorphic reaction, when in the places of lesion of skin of the newly-formed papules.
  3. Fixed the stage. In this phase, the rash becomes less, stop arise new cards, are available papules do not grow. All places defeat covered with scales, headbands redness around the plates that are missing.
  4. Regression – the most important phase of treatment for psoriasis, it shows that the worsening of the disease back, the expense of the treatment so effective and gave a positive result. The main task of this stage – do not allow the reuse of an exacerbation. In the regressus phase, platelets become almost imperceptible, the skin is broken, in local lesions formed whitish or brown with spots.

Division of diseases in the phase depends on the current activity of the inflammatory process. The base put the clinical manifestations of the disease, the more red and more papules, the more active is the process. The manifestation of the activity of psoriasis are visible in the photo.

The cause of psoriasis

Many people ask, the psoriasis is contagious or not? To begin with, it is necessary to understand the causes of the emergence of psoriasis. They can't get contact through the general towels, hygiene items, or a handshake. The disease occurs more often in younger people, between the ages of 18-25 years of age.

The main factors that contribute to the development of the disease, become the:
  • The genetic predisposition. The disease may develop in the relatives of the first line;
  • The main cause of stress, nervous overvoltage, a strong emotional shock;
  • Probable cause – a disease of the endocrine system;
  • Disturbance metabolism, in particular, the lack of silicon in the human body, beriberi;
  • Bowel, diseases and viruses.

It is noteworthy that immune imbalance in the body causes the appearance of acne. It is the state in which the cells themselves show aggression to the tissues, this is reflected in the skin. There is a direct relationship between the development of the disease and the state of the intestine.

People who have intestinal diseases, parasitic infections, more susceptible to the problem of skin diseases. The cause of intestinal diseases during a long existence in the blood expels toxins, which cause the immune imbalance. The result is that you psoriasis.

Methods of treatment of psoriasis

Many experts believe that this disease is virtually incurable. Of course treatment regimen for psoriasis does not exist, each case is treated individually. Because psoriasis is a phenomenon little studied, the main reason for its occurrence is considered to be emotional overload, and immune dysfunction.

The most amazing thing is that the psoriasis can so suddenly disappear, like and receive. Logical explanation of the reasons for this surprise medicine can not. How to treat psoriasis?

In the first place we must understand that the treatment should be integrated. First, patients are assigned drugs for local application. If the result is not, then, connects the medical treatment.

Necessarily the complex includes:
  1. Fulfillment of schedules.
  2. Special hypoallergenic diet.
  3. Mental attitude, elimination of the emotional and the physical.

Non-steroidal drugs for the relief of the inflammation are problems in the joints, in the composition an active substance – ibuprofen, which relieves pain. When more serious violations are special joint aspiration.

Certain forms of psoriasis treated paraffin appliques, irradiation. To relieve the inflammation in a phase of disease also apply the ointment, if there is infection are attributed to drugs, containing antibiotics.


The good results indicate the treatment with a laser, phototherapy, cryotherapy. Psoriasis on the head treated with the application of humilis-interest blocks the sulfur-sal salicylic formulations. After the transition of a disease at the stage of admission applies ointment to the psoriasis, with keratolytic effect .

The diet when psoriasis

The treatment of psoriasis is always made individually, but in any case, one should establish a proper diet and clean the body of toxins, which cause the development of the disease. Competent diet and detoxification of the body – the key to the success of the treatment.

When composing the diet should pay special attention to foods that contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. For the treatment effective in the body, they must do the following substances:

  1. Medicines that contain silicone. This mineral is absorbent, which prints all the antigenic complex of the body via the intestine. On the other hand, he is involved in the improvement of the structure of the skin, which is important in this disease.
  2. Vitamin D and calcium. The fact is that the calcium is absorbed only with vitamin d Complex is involved in the stabilization of cell membranes. The drugs are administered in the period of stabilization or remission.
  3. Fish oil. The inflammatory processes are always accompanied by loss of cells. To restore and maintain the immune system are necessary antioxidants. To restore balance we recommend the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained in fish fat. It is a powerful aktioksidant, which helps to deal with psoriasis.
  4. The lecithin. The epithelial cells in psoriasis actively dying to update the cover it is necessary material of construction — phospholipids, the source, and that acts as lecithin. It allows you to quickly cut the inflammation and re-establish the epidermis.

Universal diet, which is shown when the psoriasis does not exist. The diet should discuss it with your doctor. But there are some general recommendations for the preparation of a menu. You should pay special attention to the products that are not recommended for consumption during the treatment period.

It is worth to give up of dishes, which can cause allergic reactions or cause the development of the disease. It is advisable to reduce salt consumption, to exclude completely its unlikely. It is worth taking the diet, roasted, salted or otherwise preserved, smoked dishes, foods that contain preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes.

The exception are non-refundable sweets, confectionery products, quick carbohydrates. Is expressly prohibited the abuse of alcohol!

The diet must be present useful food and drinks. Do not forget to include in the menu fish, lean meat, cooking preference without fat, roast, boil, or extinguish. Should be regularly consumed fruit and berries (excluding citrus and strawberries. Every day, drink milk, drinks, herbs, and rates.

The proper nutrition will allow faster to deal with this nuisance, such as psoriasis.

Treatment at home

In addition to complying with the diet at home a person with the disease, you should observe the following rules:

  • Careful skin care. She needs more protection, it is not possible to avoid damage to the skin, because any kind of abrasion and the fissure may become inflamed. When the disease most often occurs secondary to inflammation, which can lead to the suppuration;
  • During the treatment, it is worth to abandon the application of cosmetics, nails, it is better to cut short, when the psoriasis they also suffer, become brittle, and exfoliate;
  • It's not worth being under the direct light of the sun. Can take sun, but short period. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause deterioration and hurt to the epidermis;
  • You must exclude the impact of stress factors and direct efforts to increase the immunity. It is recommended to take vitamin complexes, play sports, tempered.


Psoriasis – the disease, which is of individual character. Studies have shown that it is not transmitted from person to person. It should be understood that the self-practice, it is not possible, a serious disease, the treatment wrong can cause various complications. Is not recommended during treatment with comb damaged areas.

Prophylaxis for the prevention of disease include the following:
  1. The refusal of bad habits. Smoking most vulnerable people the appearance of the disease than non-smokers. The cigarette smoke reduces the immunity and poisons the body, it becomes difficult to the circulation of the blood, which causes the appearance of the plates.
  2. Reception of medicines can cause a disease, it is a side effect of beta-blocker drugs, having as a part of lithium. Before your reception, you should consult a specialist.
  3. The maintenance of the immunity. You should avoid infectious diseases character, in a timely manner to treat a cold and other virus types of the disease. In certain cases, it is advisable to take vitamin complexes.

Should properly exercise the care of the skin, keeping it in the moistened state is essential. For this, it is necessary to control the normal level of humidity, to abandon the use of air conditioners, which overdry the air. The body moisturized with lotions, creams and oils after treatment of the water.

Carefully, it is worth to choose the cosmetics, makeup should be quality. For the care of the skin is advisable to use natural remedies. Impairs the use of household products, home work must be carried out with the use of gloves, as the chemicals can damage even healthy skin.

The water calms and clears, general characteristics, water treatments – is a mandatory part of prevention and treatment of psoriasis. In the warmer months, you can apply the leak of cold water, and in winter – to take a herbal bath. The disk sponges and scrubs is better to give up.

The clothing should choose from natural materials, so that it does not deterioratus the skin and gasp for air. Ideal – things cotton.


The prevention of psoriasis requires a special attention to a certain style of life and nutrition, as well as personal hygiene of the skin. To implement the recommendations and maintain your health, you can minimize the risk of the onset of psoriasis, reduce the severity of the disease.