Causes of psoriasis


Many people know about this common and unpleasant disease as psoriasis. The disease occurs in men and women of almost all ages. Often diagnosed psoriasis, what is the disease in medical practice, and children. The main symptoms are rashes in the form of rounded or oval spots on various parts of the body. The advantage of the cases the disease affects the skin. Most often, psoriatic plaques occur on the elbows, knees, palms, soles of the feet, growth of hair on the head, in the armpits, groin and skin folds. However, the disease can affect not only the dermis. There are types of disease that damage the joints (psoriatic arthritis) and nails (nail psoriasis) and even eyes.

Research in the field of psoriasis, been going on for a very long time, but this is the nature of the disease has not been elucidated. Some experts link the pathology with the work of the human immune system, others argue that the real causes of pathology is stress and excessive emotional distress, others tend to believe in the occurrence of the disease in consequence of the violation of metabolic processes in the body. Theories of disease are many, but none of them have a scientific acknowledgement. Exactly what is known is that psoriasis, the causes of which currently remain a mystery, refers to non-infectious inflammatory pathologies of a chronic nature.

Theory of the origin of psoriasis

Causes of psoriasis is a very controversial issue today, is haunted by the world's scientists. Numerous laboratory and clinical studies are unable to provide scientific explanations of the development of the disease. All theories are only conjecture. In practice, they are met only to some extent. Thus, the remainder of this article we will try to find an explanation for the development of such diseases as psoriasis from a scientific point of view. Causes of psoriasis to date, explain the following theories:

  1. Immune.
  2. Hereditary.
  3. Endocrine.
  4. Virus.
  5. Neurogenic.
  6. Exchange.

They were all developed on the basis of the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease is the result of years of research of psoriasis.

The immune theory

the immune theory

Scientists believe that the cause of the disease is directly related to the immune defense of the person. This theory is one of the most common and accurate to date. Representatives of this view argue that psoriasis occurs under the influence of such thing as autoimmune aggression. This process is the result of the perception by cells of the immune system cells of the dermis as the aggressors. That is, the perception of them as alien bodies. as a result of this response to particles the skin is badly inflamed and rejected. The rejection process usually begins in the following cases:

  • frequent friction of the skin;
  • burns;
  • abrasions, scratches, and other skin damage.

The study of psoriatic scales by biopsy allowed to reveal in them some antigenic complexes, while in blood there is a large number of antibodies to them. Partly this confirms the linkage of disease with immunity, however, to completely prove the theory in practice is not yet possible. It is believed that the disruption of the natural protection of a person can speak only one of the trigger factors of psoriasis.

Theory of heredity

The occurrence of psoriasis also explains the theory linking it to genetic predisposition. Supporters of this view say that the main reason for the disease is a hereditary factor. Simply put, the disease is passed from relative to relative through the blood stream.

Research in this area has shown that the cause of psoriasis may be genetic predisposition, since over 60% of all patients have family relatives who are also suffering from the disease. Besides found out the following features:

  • if a patient with psoriasis one of the parents, the probability of occurrence of the disease in a child may be 25%;
  • in that case, when the rash periodically suffer both parents, the risk increases by more than half and 75%.

Genetic theory today, although it has some confirmation in practice is fundamental. In many cases, complaints of the patient for help in addition to heredity it is noted the combination of a number of other provoking factors of the disease.


endocrine theory

This theory suggests that the causes of psoriasis can go off in a hormonal imbalance in the body. Having carefully studied the pathology, scientists have come to believe that the pathologically rapid process of cell division of human dermis in diseases associated with hormonal imbalance. Most often such failures occur in consequence of various diseases of the endocrine system. It may be pathology of the thyroid, pancreas and pituitary. Also possible reasons hormonal failure can be the following of the human condition:

  • pregnancy;
  • ovulation;
  • taking certain hormonal drugs.

In practice, doctors noted a significant worsening of the disease in this period. However, despite this relationship and the alleged confirmation of the theory in practice, basic and proven not think.


Causes of psoriasis for a long time associated with transfer of diseases of viral nature, as well as with the presence of foci of chronic inflammation in the body. This theory is based on the facts that it was during the course of the disease, caused by a particular virus, a significant psoriasis worse. There are also cases of initial onset of psoriasis during the disease of viral etiology. Refutes the theory that as a result of these diseases significantly weakens the human immune system, which can also be associated with development of psoriasis. Besides it is a known fact that psoriasis is not transmitted from person to person, consequently this theory has no confirmation from a medical point of view.



Representatives of this view argue that psoriasis often happens in the nervous system. Neurogenic theory postulates the causes of psoriasis is directly related to the psychosomatic state of the person. This view is one of the most young and not proven in practice. Explains the theory of the development of the disease the presence of the following human conditions:

  • stress;
  • excessive concerns and worries;
  • sleep disorders;
  • only exhaustion.

As a result of such violations of a person observed a neurosis of the blood vessels, which causes their constriction and as a consequence the blood flow to the tissues of the dermis. Such a failure facilitates the development of on the body psoriatic lesions of different nature.

According to statistics collected in the twentieth century, a larger percentage of people who have some form of pathology, a precursor of the disease was stress.

The theory of exchange

Causes of psoriasis and its treatment today is a very actual topic. What appears psoriasis? This question haunts not only patients but also doctors. A theory of metabolic abnormalities associated with the development of the pathology with violation of the metabolic functions of the body. During long-term studies of the disease and many laboratory tests found out a few signs that connect all patients. The obtained data give reason to believe that the cause of psoriasis lies in dysfunction of metabolic processes. So what's common:

  1. About the metabolic process shows body temperature below normal cases.
  2. In the body of patients show increased levels of cholesterol and other negative substances that in a healthy person are displayed in a natural way.
  3. An imbalance of vitamins. In all patients pathology of b vitamins and deficiency. However, vitamin C, conversely, in excess.

The exchange theory, though has some confirmation in practice, not officially approved.

The factors that trigger the disease

In conclusion, we should highlight a number of factors that can not only cause disease, but much to aggravate it. Thus, what triggers psoriasis, we will see next.

Spiritual causes of psoriasis

Often the appearance of psoriasis associated with stress and anxiety. To exclude complications, doctors recommend limiting yourself from excessive fatigue, strong nervous tension and situations that may cause stress.

Diseases of an infectious nature


To provoke the primary development of the disease and its complications are capable of chronic inflammatory diseases. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to timely treat infection, do not start the disease, calling for medical help.


Causes of psoriasis in women is often associated with pregnancy. It was during this period, the body observed strong hormonal changes. Every expectant mom who suffers from disease, is obliged to pay careful attention to their health. Preventive measures include timely prenatal visits, avoidance of stressful situations, proper diet, avoiding harmful habits, adherence of the day.

Injury and damage to the skin

The causes of disease often lie in the chemical mechanical damages of the dermis. Various burns, injuries, scratches and other small injuries can become a factor that provoked the disease. The disease can also develop because of the effects on the skin chemicals. For example, various detergents. People who are dealing with such materials, doctors recommend to wear protective equipment.

Bad habits


Also it is proved a significant negative impact of bad habits on the course of the disease. The use of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and other drugs is aggravated by psoriasis. This is explained by the relationship effects of bad habits on the immune system of the patient.

The use of certain medications

A drug can bring not only benefits but also harm. In psoriasis, the use of such medicines as some kinds of antibiotics, Immunostimulants, vitamin complexes may cause a malfunction of the immune system. The result is a complication of the disease.

Improper diet

Man's daily diet may also cause the development of pathology and its considerable complications. Patients who suffer from the disease or having a predisposition to the disease is very important to watch your diet. From meals it is recommended to avoid fatty, spicy, fried, smoked is too salty dishes. Nutritionists recommend to give preference to food cooked in steam, as well as cooking method. The table should be a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, dairy products.

Thus, the causes of psoriasis are very varied. To provoke disease able by many factors. But we should not think that psoriasis is a sentence. Timely treatment, responsible attitude to your body, the adjustment of the mode of day and feed, will allow to cope with the disease and turn it off complications in the future.