Psoriasis at the initial stage. Diagnosis and treatment of disease

Psoriasis is called the chronic noncommunicable disease that affects the human skin. This disease is considered to be the most common dermatological diseases. A person with psoriasis the initial stage, very often such a pathology does not pay any attention at all, believing that the appearance of red dry spots can pass by itself.

early stage

The symptoms of psoriasis at an early stage

A disease such as psoriasis has a number of symptoms that fit a variety of other pathologies, so it is sometimes difficult for the patient to determine what illness struck his body. These symptoms are usually referred to:

  • General weakness,
  • a constant feeling of fatigue (chronic fatigue),
  • the emergence of depression or depressed state.

In the presence of similar symptoms of the disease cannot yet be concluded, than he fell ill.

For psoriasis at an early stage characterized by the appearance of papules rounded, bright red or pink in color, covered with psoriatic plaques (scales). This skin formation is almost always located symmetrically on the hair of the head, lower back, flexor surfaces, sometimes plaque psoriasis can be found on the mucous membranes of the genital organs, and upper and lower extremities.
The appearance of the papules is the main symptom of psoriasis at an early stage.

Causes of psoriasis

Despite the huge possibilities of modern medicine, the reasons for which a man begins to appear on the skin papules, are still unclear. Many modern doctors are inclined to the view that psoriasis has a genetic predisposition. This disease may occur due to the influence on the human body the following predisposing factors:

  • traumatic injuries of the skin,
  • the presence in the body of the infection,
  • abuse of alcoholic beverages,
  • the increased exposure of the skin to UV (sun) rays
  • the presence of any mental trauma
  • the consequences of endocrine disorders.

Very often the psoriasis is a recurrent disease that occur in people with AIDS or HIV infection.

How does psoriasis at the initial stage

the initial stage on the head

The disease of this nature begins with the appearance on the human skin papules (small-sized eels), which has clearly defined boundaries and rounded shape. The color of this education has a pink or reddish hue. Papules may acquire a bluish tint and if it glaziruetsya on the lower extremities where blood flow is much slower than in other parts of the human body.

At the initial stage of the disease appear on the plaques of scales silvery-white. With the skin of a person they are connected poorly, resulting in easily behind papules.

That are located nearby each other psoriatic papules are often merged to form a large diameter skin elements, which in turn spoil the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

Ends the initial stage of the psoriasis that in the formed inner segment of the rashes begin to fade, and external (edge) become bright red. Like garland-sicut the form of plaques characteristic of psoriasis at the initial stage. Most often the first rash of psoriasis can be seen on the head (the hairy part), elbows and knees.

During the course of psoriasis there are three stages:

  • Progressive — this stage, when papules become distinct color and go into the process of merging among themselves.
  • Stationary — where new rashes start to end and the papules fade.
  • Retrogressive — there is a complete disappearance of the nodular lesions on the affected areas of the body.

For the treatment of psoriasis developed a lot of drugs that fight the disease with different efficiency. Among the best preparations in this area include:

  1. Hormonal medications that have the ability to arrest the symptoms of psoriasis. Such drugs are generally assign to severe manifestations of the disease, complicated with the appearance of papules of fluid.
  2. Non-hormonal means, among them, decided to allocate Salicylic and Zinc ointment. These drugs are aimed at eliminating itching, inflammation, the removal of exudative formations. Also well recommended ointment on the basis solidol'.
  3. Shampoo allows you to deal with psoriasis on his head.
  4. Sprays help to fight the disease in the scalp.

Physica justo procedures

physical therapy

In the treatment of psoriasis separately allocated holding Physica justo procedures.

PUVA-therapy. The so-called exposure to long-wave ultraviolet radiation, which is used for medicinal purposes in combination with drugs that are taken for the treatment of psoriasis.

2 hours prior to irradiation, the patient should take such medicines as Ammifurin or Psoralen. Treatment PUVA therapy is the cleansing of the papules and ongoing maintenance treatment, is favorable for maintaining remissionem period. Treatment lasts from a year to 2 years (25 sessions per year).

donec justo. This method of treatment is the application of human ozonized solution for getting rid of psoriasis. Ozone is then used in the form of ozone-oxygen mixture, which is:

  • used in the form of ozone water or oil inside,
  • administered by injection intravenously (IV), subcutaneously.

Ozone treatment has a number of contraindications, it is not possible when:

  • of Allergy to components
  • alcohol intoxication during the treatment,
  • epilepsy,
  • myocardial infarction,
  • the disorders associated with blood clotting.

Treatment donec justo reduced to 10 – 12 sessions.

Hirudotherapy. Psoriasis treatment with leeches is a very popular means of getting rid of this disease. Leeches put on those areas of the body which are papule, where they mordens per skin secrete into the blood substances is hirudin, which in turn begins to actively fight the disease. The course of treatment is 150 leeches for one person. Doctors recommend for year 2 such courses.

Treatment of psoriasis at home

treatment at home

Ointment in folk medicine

In an enamel bowl put the following ingredients: 200 grams butter and 10 grams of finely chopped propolis, the mixture should be boiled over low heat for 10-15 minutes, not forgetting intensely all the time to stir. The resulting medium is filtered before use through several layers of gauze. It must be rubbed in the affected by psoriasis place until the complete disappearance of papules. Ointment be stored only in the refrigerator.

Should take two fresh eggs, and add one tablespoon of sunflower oil. Eggs and butter should be carefully whisking and add 40 grams of acetic acid. The resulting ointment to shift in a jar with a lid. It should be lubricated daily at night to affected areas of skin. This tool is very effective in the treatment of early stage psoriasis.


You need to take in equal weight parts of ingredients such as milk, grape leaves, flax seeds and burdock root (always fresh). They should be boiled for 5 minutes in an enamel pot, cool to room temperature and to do lotions on the problem areas.