Shampoos for scalp psoriasis

psoriasis shampoo

Psoriasis is classified as a chronic non-infectious disease that affects the skin and hair. Pathology manifests itself on the body with red spots, itching, peeling; located on the knees, elbows, buttocks, feet, palms, genitals and also in the hair.

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Indications for the use of shampoos for psoriasis

It is not always possible to determine the cause of psoriasis, but it is known that the disease is provoked by such factors:

  • stress,
  • skin damage,
  • influence of detergents and other chemicals,
  • cosmetic abuse,
  • medical preparations.

With psoriasis, white scales form on the head, as with dandruff; But psoriasis is not a defect, but a chronic disease. It is accompanied by excruciating itching and, when scratched, causes bloody sores to appear.

Such symptoms are indications for the use of shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp. In addition to them, medicinal ointments and solutions are used. All medications must be prescribed by a dermatologist; timely seeking medical help helps to clarify the diagnosis (psoriasis, seborrhea, pilous dermatitis, dandruff) and quickly eliminate the problem.

The skin with psoriasis becomes inflamed, it becomes very sensitive, washing your hair is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Therefore, the scalp requires, in addition to treatment, special care and delicate care. Ordinary shampoos are not suitable for this, therefore pain relievers, antimycotic and anti-inflammatory components are introduced into the recipe. Medicinal plant extracts and other natural ingredients enrich special products with useful ingredients.

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Dermatological shampoos against psoriasis can be divided into several groups. Some are designed to eliminate fungus or microbes, others have a healing effect, and some just relieve the symptoms of psoriasis. Children's products are distinguished by extremely useful and indifferent components in the composition.

Hair washing products prevent the progression of the disease, reduce the symptoms of pathology, remove excess fat and dead epidermis. Hair gradually recovers, ceases to break and fall out.

Names of shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp:

  • antifungal;
  • tar;
  • doctor;
  • Cosmetic;
  • children.

Choosing a shampoo for psoriasis of the scalp should be done on the recommendation of a specialist, but taking into account the reviews of other patients.


The pharmacodynamics of dermatological shampoos with tar consists in the local effect of active substances on problem skin. Some of them have astringent, antimycotic, vasoconstrictor effects and prevent the growth of skin cells.

The active components of tar (cresol, phenol, guaiacol, phytoncides), which is part of shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp, have antiseptic, disinfectant and antiseptic effects.


Shampoos against psoriasis have a local effect. More detailed data on the pharmacokinetics of shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp are not presented.

Dosage and Administration

Tar shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp have a specific smell that does not disappear immediately.

Method of application and doses: apply a little shampoo to wet hair, rub, rinse and apply again. The foaming agent is held for five minutes, refoamed and washed off. To achieve the effect, the procedure is repeated twice a week for three months.

Duration of treatment depends on location, degree of damage, response to treatment. Schemes for using shampoos for psoriasis are prescribed by a dermatologist individually for each patient.

All scalp psoriasis shampoos are used only externally. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water.

Using shampoos for psoriasis during pregnancy

The use of tar during pregnancy is not recommended due to the content of the carcinogen benzopyrine. The ban also applies to women who are breastfeeding and planning a pregnancy. No studies have been conducted on the safety of using scalp psoriasis shampoos for this category of patients.

Zinc shampoo, a medicine against several groups of microorganisms, can be used by pregnant women, but with the authorization of the attending physician.


A contraindication to the use of shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp is hypersensitivity to individual components, such as tar. The use of such drugs during the period of expectation of a child and breastfeeding is not recommended.

For children, special shampoos are recommended - without fragrances, dyes, harmful substances created from natural ingredients.

Side effects of shampoos for psoriasis

With increased sensitivity, side effects in the form of an increase in pathological signs of psoriasis are possible, but this rarely happens. Prolonged use of tar and its preparations can cause local irritation.


The facts of an overdose of shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp are not described.

Interactions with other drugs

With psoriasis, complex therapy is used, and shampoos are only part of the treatment. Tar in its pure form is not combined with sulfa drugs, phenothiazines and other drugs that increase the photosensitivity of the dermis. As part of shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp, no negative interactions with other drugs have been found.

Increase the effect of sulfur tar, salicylic acid; they also protect the skin from irritation.

Storage conditions

Shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp, like all similar drugs, are stored in a dark place, away from children. Storage conditions provide for a wide temperature range: from two to 30 degrees.

best before date

The typical shelf life of scalp psoriasis shampoos is 3 years.

best shampoo for scalp psoriasis

Good shampoos for scalp psoriasis do not contain lauryl (laurite) sulfates, propylene glycol. Strong aroma, bright color with pearly shine, abundant foam also do not indicate the high quality of cosmetics, quite the contrary.

Opinions about shampoos for psoriasis on the head

According to many reviews, the effectiveness of shampoo for psoriasis of the scalp is confirmed by practice: the symptoms of psoriasis disappear after a few weeks. However, for some patients, it dries the skin and has no therapeutic effect.

Positive reviews about shampoos for psoriasis on the scalp - tar and salicylic. Already from the first time, an improvement in the condition of the problem area, a decrease in discomfort is noted. It is noted that the tar smell of this shampoo disappears quickly.

Some patients are satisfied with the positive result from the constant use of children's shampoos. As for alternating drugs, opinions were divided: some advise finding "your" drug and washing your hair only with it; others, on the contrary, were convinced of the high effectiveness of the alternative use of dermatological preparations.

Shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp are an important, but still auxiliary component in the complex of therapeutic methods. Self-medication is prohibited here. Only a doctor should determine which drugs and shampoos with which properties are suitable for the complete elimination of the symptoms and causes of an unpleasant disease.

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